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[Name]: Yato
[Canon]: Noragami
[Age]: Unknown, estimates put him around 1200.
[Gender]: Male
[Canon Point]: End of Chapter 22, Bishamon arc.


Yato was born from the prayers and desires of people worshiping him as the God of Calamity. The exact date of his birth is unknown. He was born in a time where the world was in a chaotic mess of kill or be killed. At one time he had his own shrine and followers, and was in fact a serious God, perhaps a major one.

At some point during the feudal era, Kazuma happens upon his doorstep with a request. Kazuma is a Shinki - a human spirit who can be transformed into a weapon - to the great war god Bishamon. Many of her Shinki have become corrupted by Phantoms and she herself is in danger of dying. Accepting his request, and unsheathing Hiiro, Yato heads to Bishamon's shrine. The chaos is a little overwhelming, but he begins the eradication of the entirety of her Shinki clan, with the exception of Kazuma. In doing so, he saves Bishamon's life but he kills every last one of her Shinki.

Because of this incident, Kazuma feels he owes Yato a great debt, however Bishamon doesn't see it that way. She feels he's overstepped his bounds and she commits herself to a life of exacting revenge by killing Yato and his Shinki, the moment she can get her hands on them.

Throughout the years, they have clashed from time to time, however she has never managed to kill Yato, nor has she killed his Shinki. As the years go by, Yato falls out of favour with the people, his shrine is torn down and his followers disappear as they have less and less use for a God like him.

In the modern world, Yato spends his time spreading graffiti everywhere he can think of, a phone number so any soul who needs him can pick up the phone and call him. In doing so, he is attempting to build up a base of worshipers, to imprint his name on current memory. He will accept any request from any person no matter how asinine because he needs to collect the fee (5 yen) to save up for a new shrine.

For three months he works with Mayu until she has had enough and he's forced to release her. He is working on an assignment, looking for a lost cat when he meets Iki Hiyori. She happens to notice him about to get hit by a bus and she charges in front of it to push him out of the way. The accident leaves her soul out of her body - it returns, but it leaves her with the problem of her spirit popping out whenever it feels like it. Yato finds the cat, and rescues her from a Phantom and she asks him to fix her. Naturally, he charges her the 5 yen and promises he will, and then he disappears.

Hiyori is the catalyst to his story in the modern era. Yato continues to complete requests while completely brushing her request aside in an effort to remain in her memory and remain relevant. He discovers and names Yukine, a troublesome Shinki who causes him a great deal of pain, infecting his body with the blight born of Shinki temptation. Fortunately Yato's life is saved in time, but a battle between him and Bishamon is brewing.

Bishamon's henchmen decide to use Hiyori's spirit as bait and Yato storms her shrine with Yukine at his side. It is through this battle that they settle the score between them, burying the bad blood from the past at last. Upon their return, Yato severs the thread between him and Hiyori in the hopes of restoring her to her body at last.


Yato is a mostly forgotten, lesser God in the Japanese pantheon. Because he is mostly forgotten, he is motivated to advertize his 'Delivery God' service anywhere he can. He exudes an air of desperation in his owrk as his fate is determined by the people around him. He will take on any job and help anyone who asks, in order to remain relevant. He is devoted to his people and he wants to protect them when he can.

He often appears lazy, unmotivated and stingy. He refuses to seek proper shelter, instead relying on other Gods' shrines so he can save his coins to build his own shrine. Although he was never human, he actually envies the connections that they form and he would like to make a friend. Sometimes he finds humans very tiring, especially hormonal teenagers. He dislikes dealing with their problems, as they often revolve around bullying and he doesn't understand the desire to have the most friends when all he would need is one.

Yato can be very selfish. he went as far as to put Hiyori's life in danger in order to have someone he could be friends with. He was stringing her along with little disregard for her until it was nearly too late. Although he presents himself to people in a firendly, professional manner, he is actually a little cynical and can be very sarcastic. He has little patience for asinine requests. He looks forward to the day he is addressed with the respect he believes he deserves.

As the God of Calamity, it is almost expected that Yato is unlucky. He has difficulty keeping a Shinki in his employ for any significant period of time, liekely because of this and Yato's lack of social skills. Because he is so unlucky, he is very superstitious and willing to spend a lot of money purchasing charms that would bring him good fortune. However, these charms never work.

For a God of war, Yato can be very softhearted. He firmly beleives the best in his Shinki and unlike most Gods, benevolent enough to let them learn from their own mistakes, no matter the pain he is forced to endure. He can be self sacrificial and considerate but he has difficulty expressing this side of him, prefering instead to come off as cool and distant. He has never frefused to let a Shinki go, no matter how inconvenient this is.

Yato can be short tempered. He does not like being lied to and compassion is sometimes beyond him. This is demonstrated when he told Yukine to get over the death of his friend because he was frustrated with the resulting illness and weakness from his Shinki being in low spirits. This is in part because he has been alive so long that the passage of time is a little lost on him.

Because he is a God, the concept of morality for him is a fluid one. He understands it academically and in practice because his Shinki as past humans can fall into temptation. This is not the case for Yato, there are no consequences to his behaviour should he choose to behave immorally. He has in the past killed Shinki and humans alike on requests without any judgement or remorse on the matter. His current manifestation is a little playful and mischevous, with a gentle nature hiding underneath but it should not be forgotten that he is a God of war. He often shows his true colours when the matter is hopeless, such as with a corrupted soul, regardless of anyone's feelings on the matter - he will cut them down. Yato is not afraid of doing things that need to be done, regardless of human emotions that may interfere in his Shinki or someone like Hiyori. He is not afraid of getting his hands dirty, nor does he back down when an assignment of that nature comes along. He accepts any and all consequences stemming from his actions, such as Bishamon vowing to take his life and making several attempts to do so. Since he fell out of favour, he seldom gets these kinds of requests, but he does show through the final battle with Bishamon that he is still ready and willing to take up his blade when it is necessary to do so. Despite this, he does hold some value for the living and for life itself, which is why he chooses to work with a Shinki who has a moral compass, rather than the mysterious Nora.

[Abilities / Strengths & Weaknesses]:

Yato has a few weaknesses one must keep in mind. He has a certain gullibility and penchant for good luck charms despite never having one actually work for him. He can be socially awkward, mostly because he spends a great deal of his time alone and has a bit of difficulty understanding the human condition. Although he is a God, he can be killed by an Ayakashi, a Shinki or another God. Unless he is a worshiped God, he would not be able to be reborn. Encountering a Phantom can cause him to become ill with blight, but a cleaning with holy water would clear it right up. He is completely vulnerable to the feelings and temptations of a Shinki belonging to him.

He is a very skilled fighter, as one would expect from a war god, prefering blades to other weaponry. His hand to hand skills are also exceptional. He has a high tolerance level for pain and suffering and illness is unlikely to keep him still for long. He has a vast and wide variety of knowledge pertaining to history, the boundaries between the living and the dead, every day things including but not limited to home repair. It is very likely that Yato is capable of sailing a ship, although he seldom has use for such a skill.

Levitation/Hovering - Yato is capable of jumping much higher than a human can and he can float for some time, however he cannot actually fly from place to place.
Teleportation - Yato can teleport all over Japan to any follower in need from anywhere.
Transforming spirits into Shinki - He can find a dead uncorrupted spirit and transform them into a weapon he can hone for the destruction of Phantoms.
Blending In - Yato has the inherant God ability to blend into the scenery, easily forgotten and completely unnoticed by 99% of the population.
Phantom Exorcism - With a Shinki he can destroy a Phantom, banishing it from both worlds.
Severance - He is one of the few Gods with the capability of severing ties between people and Gods, Shinki, other people or even just specific memories. This requires a Shinki to perform.

[Limited Powers]:

Teleportation - As per the rules of the game, Yato cannot teleport from island to island. He would be able to teleport around an island he's on, the ship he's on and from a ship in port to the island they are at, requiring him to travel by sea, just like everyone else.
Death - For the purpose of High Seas, anyone would be able to kill Yato.
Blending In - This would be a problem for him in the game. The suggested modification is to be visible unless he wills not to be. Yato will not be forgotten by the Navy, the other characters in the game or important plot/mod run NPCs. Effect would still stand for random townsfolk and NPC pirates.
Shinki - Because Yukine would be an appable character, he cannot bring his weapon with him. If he is permitted to create his own NPC Shinki, he would be unable to sever any ties to characters or between characters without the characters' consent.

[Other Important Facts]:

It is likely that being in another world may not bother Yato in the least, he will continue to work hard to find people to belong to the shrine of Yato. If he can make his dreams come true in this new place, he will do his best to have that happen.

♦ Thread: Yato on the Test Sail
♦ Post: Are you suffering from some kind of act of betrayal? Pirate looted your ship, or your town? Did someone kill that person closest to you? Lose something incredibly valuable? Is the Navy really becoming a thorn in your side?

Look no further, for I am the great God Yato and I will solve any problem* at all!

For the tiny pittance of one of these currency coins, I will make any of your problems go away and leave you feeling lighter with that pesky world off your shoulders.

Donations are of course appreciated, but are completely unnecessary. All I ask is that you remember the great God Yato the next time you want to whisper your prayers to the Gods.

Who knows? I might even hear you. For a limited time only, you may also submit to be a shrine maiden once the old shrine is in place. I never forget a human's face after all.

I guarantee 100% satisfaction, all of the time or your coin back.


*Delivery God Yato cannot return you to your world at this time.


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